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I have run my website design and web development company in Poole, Dorset for 15 years. We started as a new business in the days that when we made appointments to visit people who were just interested to know what this new technology was and we spent 3 years educating the business population as to what the Internet could do for their business. In those days the Internet could have gone by without anyone knowing its potential. I actually met a business manager 8 months ago who said to me 14 years ago when I attended an appointment to sell him a website “This Internet thing will never take off. It’s expensive; its slow and traditional business will never be replaced by it!” Needless to say he is on the Internet now and gains a good percentage of his turnover from it.

Anyway to get back to my point, it can be a pretty lonely existence out there as a one man web company. The current climate does not lend itself to new businesses and daily, businesses are “cutting back” or worse disappearing. To manage clients, do the web development, get the new web development sales, do the invoicing and chase the bills is a tall order for one person.

I am finding more opportunities to purchase new web portfolios than 2 years ago because good entrepreneurs are finding the marketplace against them and they are giving up hope.

For that reason I am looking for a good PHP developer who could amalgamate his business within ours, can earn a better salary and can earn from the business he brings into Dorset Web. If you feel that this is an option for you or even better excites you then please call me direct on my mobile 07748 802462 or email me on

We know that we can find and run the business and we need a good PHP Developer who can bring their expertise to manage our PHP work.

Please call me in strict confidence, I can fill in a Non Disclosure Agreement to keep your business details in strict confidence if you have any concerns.

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