The Internet and E-commerce have drastically changed the way we do business in this global economy. Markets and consumers are no longer confined by physical boundaries.

Millions are getting online everyday; which means millions are buying from the web. The only way to stake your claim in this massive market is through E-commerce; selling over the web.

You can sell information, services or products. An E-commerce solution can allow you to experiment very cheaply with any items until you find a niche market.

If you are selling information, a great way to start is to offer something free. This then encourages repeat visits which can then lead to a second taster for sale for a small fee & then the ultimate main information for the market price.

Our E-commerce plans can allow you to update your website easily or we can manage any changes you require.

Whatever you are selling -

  • Offer “Special offers” or discounts to attract someone to buy from you and not your competitor. See www.fencingcentre.co.uk
  • By specialising in a product you can be seen to be an expert and attract more visitors to the site especially if the domain name is relevant. See our sites of www.dorsetflapjacks.co.uk and www.wildlifeartdirect.com and www.ocha-tea.co.uk
  • Look to offer similar or related items from either competitors or associate businesses. The more there is there for the visitor the more likely the site is going to be bookmarked, revisited or referred.
  • Provide free information or helpful tips. See http://www.roxeymouldings.com where our client gives free information on different types of miniature train guages, carriages and kits for enthusiasts.
  • Ensure that what you supply is the item as described and give extensive descriptions of products. See http://www.fencingcentre.co.uk
  • Deliver the item on time and promptly as buyers expect quick service.
  • Get your site linked to directory websites, specialist websites and partners who are selling on-line. 
  • Keep the site up to date.
  • Encourage buyers to return with an email marketing strategy. http://www.lastorderspoole.co.uk
  • Market the site through traditional channels e.g. newspapers, journals, radio, television. See www.atticogroup.co.uk
  • Become a specialist in your field so that your site becomes recognised as the main resource - www.kerbed.co.uk

Other E-commerce / Secure ordering websites we have built are -

    www.sealsdirect.co.uk – from the original site launched in 2004 the site has now been revamped and an accounts system added to the backend to save time in administration.

   www.londonceramics.co.uk - this Natural Stone Flooring site offers samples as well as a huge range of stone tiles in different sizes bought by builders and the general public.

   www.afamilynameinprint.co.uk - personalised family surname coat of arms history prints and heraldry gifts.

   www.weathervanes-direct.co.uk - handmade weathervanes and gift vouchers